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About Us

80+ Years Of Experience

We are a people driven company having customer delight as the top most agenda at all the time.

We, MEL Services manufactures warehousing equipments under the brand Melforks and provide spares and service support to industries across India. The company is established in the year 2002 in Maharastra. Our products and services are well known for its excellent quality and strict adherence to commitments. We produce wide range warehousing equipments that incudes Manual, Semiautomatic and Fully Powered equipments. We produce equipments with capacity range from 500Kg to 15000kg. Our products like Scissor lifts table, Dock Leveller, Goods lift and stackers range are well known in the industry for its quality and cost competency. We also produce exclusive attachments range like Parrot Beak, Drum Tilter, Fork Extension, Areal Platform attachments etc. Our business partners across the nation ensure Timely Support to our customer in any part of the country.

Our continuously growing customer base has made MELFORKS today a strong brand for warehousing equipments in the country.

Board Of Directors

Sunilkumar Gopalan

Satish Ustoorikar

Avinash Sahasrabudhe

Vision And Mission

Our vision is to " bring satisfaction to all our customers by meeting their high expectations with our excellent products and services. We will always strive to keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies and trends in MHE’S and thereby gain the competitive edge. We are always keen for trend setting innovations to satisfy the client’s need.

Our Mission is to provide our clients the ultimate solution for any unit Material Handling needs by providing quality equipments to fulfil their needs at the right price. Our professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff always strive to help, educate and inspire our customers for safe and proper Material Handling.

Our Team


We are a people driven company. The team with a higher level of self-reliance. We are fast at taking right decision at the right time. An optimistic team with the key qualities like honesty, integrity and transparency. These qualities ensure our team keep always positive approach to the customers in any circumstances. We are the most united team, aligned towards the single goal of Customer delight.

Work Culture

An organisation, no matter how well is designed, it is only as good as people who live and work in it.” MEL believes in good work culture where everybody has equal opportunity and acceptance. Learning is a habit at our organisation, our team go through frequent learnings of human values, soft skill, products knowledge, technology etc. Many a time the members within the team come forward to share their knowledge with their colleagues.

We maintain a work culture where we believe in appreciating and recognising good work at all time. MEL do appreciate the performers and encourage everyone to perform better. We work in an environment where every team member’s opinion is heard and considered for implementation. We believe in that the achievements are to be celebrated. We call for celebrations to our every achievements and do appreciate team members in person. We maintain high level of transparency at work place and do not keep any room for unhealthy politics. After all growth comes in an environment where people care for each other.